Dreams of a life

Just watched “Dreams of a life”

It’s a documentary film about a 38-year old woman called Joyce Carol Vincent who was found in a bedsit in Wood Green in 2006, and is believed to have died in 2003.

In all of 3 years, no one knew that she had died. When she chalked up rent arrears, people came knocking on her door, eventually forcing it open. There was a pile of mail behind the door, unwashed washing in the sink, milk bought in 2003 on the table.. and there was her badly decomposed body on the floor, in front of the television, which was turned on to BBC1.

Amazing that the television, which was turned on for 3 years, was still working.

The film revealed that she was a very attractive woman, who was always the centre of attention, people (particularly guys) gravitated towards her. But she also kind of moved in and out of people’s lives. Not one of her family members (she had 4 sisters) featured in the film. I wondered what must have happened for them to fall out so badly that they would not contact her for such a long time, and would not step out to say what had happened. She seemed to have suffered from domestic abuse as well, which is really sad.

It’s a depressing film that should not be watched alone.

Its scary how isolating London can be. If a person really wishes to, he/she can really vanish and make no contact with anyone in a big city. Cities can be really alienating.

Walking/cycling down Wardour Street after the movie just felt so surreal. All these people walking about, laughing, clubbing, eating, hanging out with friends… they have relationships, they are connected for this moment. But what about people who are not? And what happens when everyone ‘goes home’?

Just a thought.



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