Everyday life

It was drizzling in the morning when I woke up.

The docking station where I usually get my bike from was completely empty. That kind of shocked me. It had never happened before. It is usually quite full. I don’t know why it was so empty today. But since there was another docking station just 20m away, I didn’t have any trouble finding a bike.

In the afternoon, outside Victoria Albert Hall, there was a Barclays bike person shoving bicycles into the empty docking spots near the bus stop.

Went to castle climbing centre yesterday. It was completely empty in the afternoon (around 2pm) but then once past 6pm, a lot of people started coming in and by 7pm the place was packed and there was a whole line of people waiting to be signed in at the front.

Lots of people cycle to the castle. There’s a cycle parking area as well and lots of people were pushing their bikes into the shed-looking place.

Took the tube from Ladbroke Grove towards Baker Street at around 6pm today. It was really crowded. There were no empty seats available and not much standing room as well. People seemed to be going from West London to East London, or at least to central London.

Train stopped for quite a while at Baker Street, being held back by a red signal.

I’m really apologetic towards the lady who was standing in front of the zebra crossing, about to cross when I just zoomed past her. I really should have stopped but I didn’t register the zebra crossing in time and thankfully she looked and gave way to me.



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