Little Women by Louisa May Alcott remains one of my favourite books.

Used to read Little Women, Good Wives, Little Men and Jo’s Boys repeatedly when I was much younger. I never really liked Good Wives but I was so fond of Little Women. Only later did I realize that the characters in Little Men and Jo’s Boys are the same as in Little Women.

I always did like Jo. I never quite understood Amy. She seemed much too vain and proper for me. But I was always sad when it came to Beth. Sweet Beth who never asked for anything, but was almost a saint really. Meg just seemed like a regular housewife. And of course, who can help but like Marmee.

I always thought Laurie and Jo would end up together, but reading it again, I realize there are nuances and events that show that they never will do. Reading Little Women again, after what must be at least 6 years, I discovered alot more things I hadn’t before. Like the entire Bhaer part, I had forgotten about it.

Will have to get Jo’s Boys and Little Men now.


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