Everyday life

Bike Helmet

Went down to Evans Cycle to get a helmet. I could buy them online, but I wanted a bike helmet that fitted me well, so I decided to head down to the shop and try it out.

I’ve walked by Evans about a thousand times, but I’ve never entered the shop. I do sometimes pop by the shop beside it (Blacks) though. There was only one staff at the shop and he was busy entertaining another customer, so I was left to my own devices.

I thought there would be more helmets, but there were perhaps only about 8? In the expensive range (more than £50), there were about 2, and the rest were all under £50 with a few around £30. So first I tried the one that said “WMN”. It didn’t feel very comfortable. I expected it to be more comfortable. Then I tried the ones in the higher range. Neither did they fit. There was one shape and design that I really liked, but it just didn’t fit my head. Finally, I found one by Louise Garneau, Olympus. Unfortunately, I wanted a new white one, which they didn’t have. The guy at the store suggested I go home and buy it online, and then ask for it to be delivered to the store where I can pick it up.

Was slightly disappointed that I didn’t get my helmet as expected, but at least I was one step closer to getting a head protection gear.


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