Everyday life


I’ve always wanted to go to Hammersmith. Have done it now. It wasn’t what I quite expected.

I remember seeing pubs and cafes lining the river bank on the Piccadilly line towards Heathrow Airport, and I always wanted to go there. For some reason, I thought that would be Hammersmith, but evidently not, for when I arrived at Hammersmith, it was so quiet and there were very few people walking around. Maybe two or three pubs, but that’s it. Lots of traffic traveling at quite high speeds though.

Walking along the banks of the river, you can clearly hear the roar of traffic from the road parallel to the river.

There’s a sculling club there. Taking a peep inside, I’m reminded of our own paddle lodge. That seems like such a long time ago. Such a pleasant memory, even if it is a memory of being cold and wet, and tired.


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