Everyday life

Cremerie Creperie is the best thing about studying at Imperial.

Right outside South Kensington station, in the direction of Exhibition Road and the museums, it is also directly opposite the newly opened Lebanese place.

They have a whole range of sweet and savoury crepes, ranging from around £5 to £9.

They also have awesome service. No matter how busy the place is, the waitresses (and yes, they always seem to be female) have a smile plastered on their face and greet and serve you with such kindness that you can’t help but feel at home there.

The place is rather cramp, so when it gets busy, shoulders and arms do bump into chairs and table, but its not so noisy that you can’t hold a conversation inside.

Bright orange lights give a warm and cosy feel to the place.

The crepes are the most awesome ever.

Such a variety of savoury crepes. Some come with salad on the side, some don’t. And there’s always a special.

For sweet crepes, I always just stick to a chocolate based one. Had chocolate + walnuts before, but I think chocolate and banana remains my favourite. The dark chocolate is really nice, although still sweet enough that finishing a whole one will just make you sick.

The one thing that Goodge Street cannot compare to – the most awesome crepes in the world.


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