Everyday life


In the morning, most of the ticket barriers at South Kensginton tube station are exit barriers. In the evenings, most of them become entry barriers. Not realising it, I almost walked straight into people rushing into the station.

London was really cold today, and will be cold for the rest of the week, with temperatures starting from below 0. I hope there will be some snow.

There are so many species of birds that mate for life: emperor penguins, storks, condors, I wonder if that is unique to the bird family. What about mammals?

Have a vague memory of watching a movie with 红顶鹤. And a little boy. Very vague memory. But I always remember trying to find out what the name of the movie was. Just one of these things from your childhood that just slips by you.

Parsnips cut into strips and thrown into the oven come out tasting exactly like chips.

In light of the whole recipe exchange thing, I’ll just post the recipe here:

Roasted vegetables: 

Parsnips (sliced into strips)
Potatoes (cut into bite size, to enable faster cooking)
Carrots (thinly sliced, whichever way is easiest)
Courgettes (slice cross-section and then half it so it looks like half a moon)
White-cap mushrooms (quartered)
Cheese (optional)
Condiments: Oil, Salt, Pepper, Curry powder, Paprika, dried herbs

Put Parsnips, potatoes and carrots on a baking tray. Sprinkle condiments over, go easy on the oil. Throw it into the oven. Use the middle shelf, highest temperature. I find that not covering the tray with foil tends to cook the food faster, but also means its easier to burn.

When the potatoes and carrots are soft, but not amazingly soft, throw in the Courgettes, mushrooms and cheese. Wait around for about 5-10 minutes and its done!

Time in oven: >30 minutes, <75 minutes
Preparation time: about 15 minutes (not including checking the oven)


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