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Ghost, The musical

Ghost, The Musical in London West End was really good.

I had heard good reviews about it, but it exceeded my expectations.

The leads, Sam and Molly had great vocals, so did the comic character Ona Mae. The set was creatively used and the visual and special effects were just amazing.

There were at least three ‘deaths’ in the story and each time they had a substitute body as the ghost came out. But the introduction of the substitute body was so seamless that you hardly even noticed it at all. I completely missed the last one.

And the parts where the ghost ‘disappeared’ through doors and stuff. They didn’t do it in slow-motion, but it was a gradual retreat of the figure and you can see the outline slowly fading away. But it was done so well indeed.

Great choreography. The dances, the movements across the stage, and the changing of the scenes were all very well thought out and executed.

They truly deserved the standing ovation they got at the end.

To be honest, I was a little skeptical about the plot and the storyline, thinking it was going to be a sappy love story. But its more than that. There’s lots of humour and drama going on there as well.


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