Everyday life


I’ve always known that the Tescos at Goodge Street station is incredibly busy during lunch time. But I’ve never been inside at around 1.30pm. I was in for a shock today.

There’s a counter for people who are only buying a few items. I never go there because the self-checkout is so much faster. But today, there was a huge queue and I thought to myself – why don’t these people just use the faster self-check out.

Only after I looked round the corner to the self-check out queue did I understand why. From the milk section, you couldn’t see the end of the queue. It was that busy.

I gave up trying to purchase what I wanted to purchase.

Then I thought about how my lecture in the morning could be applied to Tescos. To meet the huge inflow of customers, they must have enough sandwiches to last the lunch crowd. They’ll probably need to stock up at least once a day. So they require space for the delivery van to unload.

And then my lecture in the afternoon could be applied to Tescos too. Queue simulation. You have people who are deterred by the queue. and something else which i’ve forgotten now.

Real-life application of theoretical understandings everywhere. If only these were incorporated into lessons.


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