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ever tried to catch a snowflake with your tongue?

The Four Myths of Inequality in Singapore by Donald Low


Heard about it from him during the talk that he gave at LSE this evening.

It was a very engaging presentation and lively q & a. Much of the presentation alluded to the first section of the paper that he co-authored with other people ‘Inequality and the need for a new social compact’.

Pity there wasn’t a greater audience. About twenty people maximum maybe, in quite a small room. But the small numbers also meant that it didn’t feel so much like a lecture, but rather a discussion. And we did have quite a meaningful one. Nice to hear what other fellow Singaporeans thought, especially Singaporeans who are studying Economics, many of which will likely become policy-makers/work in the civil service.

It started snowing during the talk.

And it was just beautiful looking at the snow falling onto the city. Swirls of dots illuminated by the orange street lights, vanishing as they softly kissed the pavement.

Ever tried to catch snowflakes on your tongue?

I’m sure there were many people who felt miserable to be outside in the snow. The people huddled at the bus stops and talking shelter under the buildings’ facades certainly looked miserable, but I couldn’t have felt more distant from them.

London seems to take on an almost magical glow when it snows.

He had his arm around her as they huddled under the tiny blue umbrella, walking along the streets.

They had just emerged from the restaurant, and their heads bumped against each other as they stared hard at the tiny map, trying to get their bearings in the huge maze that London is.

The joggers, persisting despite the weather, the puddles and the sometimes slippery pavements. He had a beanie on and was breathing heavily. Was that sweat or water from the melted snow?

Central line during the rush hour is just horrible.

I am so glad I don’t have to take that line.

If I were to buy a house in London and have to make a decision on where to buy it, I would not buy it anywhere near the central line.


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