Everyday life

Harrow Road

So for one of our modules, we were supposed to look at Harrow Road. It really isn’t a very pleasant road. Through traffic there goes quite fast, but then there are also alot of vehicles turning, which I can see as potential sources of conflicts. Even for pedestrians, it is not very nice to cross the roads there, simply because the traffic lights take a long time, and its hard to cross without the traffic lights.

It was halfterm, so we couldn’t really see the effect of the students.

Took the tube Westwards to Latimer Road. The tube was quite busy at that time. Not exceptionally, but it wasn’t empty as I had expected.

Speaking of which, the District line was minorly delayed this morning, which lead to congestion at embankment and lots of people not being able to get on at that station and St james Park. It was all clear by Victoria station though.

We were watching football at a pub near Ladbroke Grove. There was just one woman running the whole pub. These two teenage girls came in, went to the Ladies, apparently stayed there for almost half an hour? Then the ladyboss went into the Ladies, the girls came out some minutes later, left the pub, and the ladyboss came out about 5/10mins later, carrying an almost empty bottle of 1.5l of coke and some garbage, looking really disgusted. A while later, she entered the Ladies again, carrying some napkins.

Really strange.

The lift’s broken down again.

Got out of the house, saw splotches of water on the floor, thought, ‘ahh, it rained before this’, then took the tube, got out of South Ken and saw, ‘ahh, blue skies’. Got into class, before the lesson was over, the skies had turned grey and they stayed grey.

I always wonder about that one guy manning the coffee  place next to Le Comptoir. He’s there every morning with a newspaper spread out in front of him, and a small saucer of sugar and what not next to it. I’ve never seen anyone buy anything from him in the morning though.


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