Everyday life

Why do technicians work in pairs? Usually they work alone, but today, when the technicians came to investigate the problem with the projector, two of them came at the same time.

Do not visit the museums during half-term.

Repeat, do not visit the museums during half-term.

The widened, all so championed shared space road on exhibition road was just barely sufficient to deal with the throngs of school children occupying the entire pavement. Loud, noisy, hyperactive young girls and boys, herded around by hassled-looking adults. I do not envy the teachers’ job.

Overhead one tube passenger commenting about how crowded it was at half-term. Indeed, South Kensington station did feel more crowded than usual.

The little boy was handling the fruit stall outside Goodge Street station this morning. But in the afternoon, when I exited the station, he was gone and some middle age man was there instead. He wasn’t the person I expected to see though.

Just bought the Price of civilisation by Jeffrey Sachs. The first chapter promises that this would be a really good book.

From the moment I learnt about capitalism during Economic Geography at UCL, I knew there was something fundamentally wrong with the way it is being applied in our world today. I’m glad I’m not alone in thinking so and I’m glad that he proffers to offer some solutions.

There’s hope after all.


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