Everyday life

I cycled in 3/4…

I cycled in 3/4 sleeves this morning. It was just so warm. To my consternation, the weather became even warmer throughout the day, hitting 18 degrees. It’s almost like summer really. 

To my greater horror, the computers at Imperial do not carry Biogeme. My plan to work on the school computer fell apart. 

Cycling this morning didn’t go very well. The signals were turning orange at New Cavendish Street but I just went ahead. I knew I shouldn’t but I did, and I told myself, that would be the last one for today. Same thing happened somewhere after Marylebone High Street and just before Edgeware Road. The last one was the worst and this van behind me must have thought ‘what the **** was I doing’. It honked at me but stayed behind at the traffic light. The van passenger turned to stare at me when they passed me later on. 

Was trying to turn at Kendall Street, but there was a lot of traffic, so I waited at the intersection for quite a while. This HGV driver very kindly motioned for me to go ahead. 

Haven’t been this careless since I first started cycling. Really need to be more careful. 

Then at Exhibition Road, I couldn’t find a docking spot. Had to go all the way to South Kensington tube station and then walk back. I think the better weather certainly is an incentive for people to start cycling again. It definitely is for me. 



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