Everyday life


I’ve found a fabulous way to get people on the tube to give way to you when you’re stuck in the middle of the carriage (because you’ve moved in to let people board) and you have to get out at a station that’s not too popular for alighting. Saying ‘sorry, could I get past please’ always work. I like to think that people are a little surprised by such civility. Often, I get replies such as ‘sure’, ‘of course’, ‘certainly’, and of course, I always say ‘thank you’ after that. There’s one thing we do in Singapore that Londoners don’t. 

In Singapore, people on the train, who are not alighting, always get off the train and stand at the sides for people on the train to alight, before getting on the train again. And usually people waiting on the platform let these people get on first. You seldom, if ever see such things on the tube. I blame it on tourists who, when traveling in groups, are so self-absorbed.  


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