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Nighthike in Tring

I thought I’ll talk about the night hike, which began at 21.59 on the 25th of February 2012. 

The location was Tring, less than an hour’s train ride from London Euston station. We arrived at the station, and the organisers had a minibus which ferried us to the meeting point. 

There was tea, coffee and some biscuits available for the teams and I helped myself to tea before we began. After about half an hour of discussion, we set off. 

I suppose the area around Tring would be really nice in the day. Most of it was farmland. Many of the trails we walked on went through bits of farm, for the fields were covered with dung. There’s also a golf course, and some military area in Tring. There are some bits of forest, not too much, but the trails through the forests must be really nice in the day. Tring as a whole is quite flat. Except for once or twice, there were hardly any uphills at all. 

At both of the manned check-points, the organisers offered the ‘weary travelers’ tea, hot chocolate or biscuits. We had them at the first station, but decided not to dally at the second one. 

Over-optimism at our ability to walk resulted in us having to run along the road at some points in time. 

Towards the end, we were so tired of walking that all we wanted was for the whole thing to end. 

It was a pleasant surprise to find that we were actually third. 


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