Everyday life


Ended up on the same route back home as last time because I realize too late that I couldnt left-turn onto  Marylebone Street. Thankfully, Wigmore road wasn’t very crowded. In fact, it was the least crowded I’ve ever seen it. I was truly surprised. 

Cycling against the wind is really difficult. I think wearing a huge coat made a difference as well. The resistance pushed my heavy and bulky barclays bike this way and that and I had to hold on tight to prevent myself from deviating from the path. The result was 20 mins of very intensive cycling. You do feel a great sense of achievement after that. 

So windy today. 

It is actually quite warm when the sun is out, but once under the shade, it just turns so cold. 

I love looking out at Serpentine Lake from the bridge at Hyde Park. Just last week, there was only one tree that spelled the signs of spring – white flower buds dotting its branches. But today, when I looked across the waters, there was a greater patch of white, bringing some colour to the bare and dull tree branches. 


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