Everyday life

Marylebone High Street

So nice to cycle when its nice and warm outside.

I don’t know why they took away the traffic light at Howland Street. Its so hard to cross the road now, especially during peak times.

This car honked at me when i was waiting to right turn into the main road. My appeal to all car users is to please don’t do that. What is that extra few seconds worth to you? That extra few seconds mean so much a a cyclist, especially one who is not very fast and not very experience. Give me a break and let me take my time when gauging the traffic.

Found the ‘perfect’ route home. ‘Perfect’ in the sense that it has few traffic, doesn’t require that I go on the main road, cross alot of big junctions or make alot of right turns etc. It’s not that perfect because it is mostly uphill and takes a little detour. But it serves its purpose. So basically, instead of turning left at the end of George Street, I take a right just before I reach the end. And then I take a left, onto Marylebone High Street, navigate that busy street before turning right into Weymouth Street.

I think Marylebone High Street is a place where I would consider ‘shared space schemes’. Its got high pedestrian footfall, alot of taxis, narrow streets, lots of cafes and shops and boutiques. Traffic doesn’t move very fast there already, because it can’t. I would love to redesign this bit of the street. Just straighten things out a little, move things around, change some of the regulations so that it becomes a more pleasant pedestrian and cycling environment.

If only.


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