Everyday life


Looking out from the Starbucks at South Kensington station, what do you see?

Modern day traffic, signalised junctions, traffic lights.

70 years ago, it would have been bicycles, horse-drawn carriages, the occasional car. People walking on streets much narrower. Would it have been cobbled?

Modern day clothes, sleeveless tops, dresses, shorts.

70 years ago, would it have been jackets even on a warm day, the guys smartly dressed with hats and walking sticks?

The old station name juxtapose against the new station name.

Parts of the old brick wall seem so run-down and neglected next to the busy row of cafes and eateries.

so many years have passed, the streets have changed some, but the layout remain mostly. the building structures maybe even less, just refurbished and renovated immensely.


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