Everyday life


Did my first 6b+ at the castle, and first 6c ever at the castle today. Didn’t do it cleanly and might have used the rope to traverse across to find the optimal hold, but still pleased that i did it.

BMC at the castle today, for young girls. They were at the cave bit and they were really good. Way better than me. Its lovely watching them climb because they’ve got such good technique – they have to be since they lack the strength and height.

Horrible news about the bolton midfielder today. Fabrice Muamba. I do hope he is alright. Reminds me of all the news reports back in Singapore of athletes who collapse doing triathlons, or soldiers collapsing in training and stuff. Really shouldn’t take each living day for granted.

Puts football and life in general in perspective.

I am sure that most if not all people will agree that the FA cup is worth so little next to a person’s life.

I swear the guy I saw on the Piccadilly line was the same guy I saw at the castle later on. He had on a pair of Evolv Shama Rasta. Very colourful.


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