Everyday life

Traffic calming

Exhibition Road. 

Junction with Prince Consort Road. 

Barclays docking station. 

Two bikes. 

Red light. 

Not working. 

Touch screen. 

Nearest docking stations. 

None at PCR, 

None at Exhibition Road. 

Some at SK station. 

Some at Queen’s Gate. 

Turned around to go. 

Guy cycled up. 

Pushed the bike into the docking spot. 


Backlights still blinking. 

Put my bag on. 

took off my coat. 

Took my bag off. 

Adjusted the seat. 

Saw people approach the cycle docking station. 

Cycled off. 


My second time cycling this route back. It’s really  nice. It’s direct and not alot of traffic. Even on Marylebone High Street, although I had to left turn and right turn, cars travel very slowly there because it is a high street with a lot of conflicting activities – cars stopping, turning, picking up people etc. Not to mention a fair amount of cyclists. 

They’ve changed the two traffic signals along Whitfield Street. They’ve taken it out and put in place informal crossings. They’ve also put raised tables all over the place. 

Seems like they are doing everything to slow traffic down. 

The raise table is a bit bumpy for me, but its good that traffic is slowed down. 


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