Everyday life

Kicked out.


I thought that I was past housing woes. After three years of having to decide, at the end of the term, where I was going to live the next year, I thought I was done with it.

Not so. 

News came that the landlords were taking back the whole flat to renovate it. No doubt for the Olympics. We were given exactly 2 months notice to move out. 

Shock. Disbelief. And then a thousand thoughts of the implications flooded my mind. I couldn’t process what I was thinking fast enough. 

Took me a day to get over it. 

Two things I took away from this: 

Profit-maximising capitalists do not care about the distribution of wealth. To them, there is a Pareto improvement, they do not care that we are made worse off from the situation. The capitalists are insulated from the ‘labour’ workers. They do as they please. The ‘labour’ workers, in a limited amount of time, space and resources, cannot do much but accept it. If something like this can happen to me, it can happen to so many other people. Imagine families who are forced to vacate. *shudders*. 

在家靠父母,出外靠朋友. Really grateful for all the friends who have offered me help in finding a place to stay. And people who just drop their concerns after seeing my post on fb. Nice to know that people care. Relationships, connections are manifested in their importance. 

As a Londoner, I don’t enjoy the coming of the Olympics. It has begun to give me some inconvenience and will no doubt create even bigger trouble in the future. 


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