Everyday life

Cycling after n…

Cycling after not cycling for so long really took the strength out of me. My thighs just wouldn’t move. To make matters worse, there was some wind blowing against me. 

I was glad when I finally reached school. 

My muscles may have forgotten what it is like to cycle, but my alert senses have not. I tackled the traffic as if the few weeks of absence had not been present. I knew the pinch points, I knew how to maneuver, I knew how to react. There are some things that you don’t forget. 

So I was at ICL main library, on the fourth floor, in the quiet but not silent study area. And there were two people discussing their work for everyone to hear. That can be marginally condoned. But what I could not accept was when one of them received a phone call, instead of exiting the study place and going somewhere else to speak on the phone, he answered the call, wandered in a circular fashion around him, passing by about 10 other tables, while speaking on the phone. 

Just plain rudeness. 


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