Everyday life


The cafe at the castle has ebbs and flows like any other eatery place. Quiet in the morning, gradually becoming busier at about 2, quieten down again up till about 5 before it starts to get busy again. After 8, its much quieter again. 

They sell salad grown from their own garden. This lady pulled out a stalk of grass from her greens. How wonderful. 

I think the food prices are reasonable. £2.50 for soup with toast, £4 for a plateful of three different salads. Different sweet square slices for £1 each. Tea for £0.85. I heard the Arch does tea for 50p though. 

It was so crowded in the day with kids, and at night the adults just take over. 

There was this little boy, he can’t be more than 12 years old, leading a 7b+, without stopping much at all. Amazing to watch. 




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