Everyday life

Twice this week, I’ve been to RAH, after not having gone there in the last 3 years.

The crowd at RAH is just absolutely fantastic. They were really enthusiastic and supportive on Monday for NATW and the were today as well for RPO.

I can’t say I know all the songs or that I really loved the orchestra, but having music played live to you is just such a treat.

The venue was probably more than 90% full.

I was told that people used to be able to stand at the gallery, drinking wine and smoking cigarettes while the concert played out below. I tried to imagine that, in London about 50-60 years ago, and it was a strange picture.

There were big tourist buses parked outside RAH.

After the show, everyone was just such in a rush to get home. Never thought of it till now, but I am so lucky to be living in central London, where home is less than an hour, usually not more than half an hour away.

It was really sunny this morning, but then the weather turned quite full as the day progressed.

Still waiting for my spring sun.

Trees at Beit Quad were shedding white flowers. The floor was littered with them.


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