Everyday life

TCR scare

Was studying when I heard that there was  bomb scare at the  Starbucks at Tottenham Court Road. This was around 30-40 minutes past mid-day.

There’s a Starbucks along TCR, less than 100m from my flat. But there is also another Starbucks North of it, closer to UCL.

Frantic, I searched Twitter to see if I can find out which Starbucks it was at.

Turns out that firstly,

1. It wasn’t at Starbucks but at the building next to Starbucks.

2. It was quite a way from my flat – 300m thereabouts, so I was quite safe.

3. It’s not really a bomb, but lots of gas canisters (not sure if is real or not). Still, it could potentially cause alot of harm.

While searching, I saw news that the guy had taken some people hostage and I also saw pictures of documents strewn on the road and saw people saying that computers had been thrown out of the building. It all looked surreal and very dangerous.

I didn’t dare to step out of the house.

Perhaps about around 15:00, the police finally led the man away and no one was hurt in the process. However, even at around 18:00 in the  evening, TCR was closed.

Heard that UCL students having their exams at 188 TCR and The American Church had to be evacuated halfway through their exams while people who had afternoon papers at 188 TCR and The American Church had to have their exams rescheduled. I feel really sorry for them.

Tottenham Court Road is truly epic. The site of many news-worthy events, most of which are, unfortunately, not good.


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