Everyday life

A Tumultuous Week

31st May

Woke up, had breakfast at Lantana. We waited ages (at least half an hour) for our food. The street was lined with the Great Britain flag. Finally had the corn fritters. It was lovely, but I think I prefer the banana and bacon french toast. Went back home. S left on the cab to her friend’s place. It was just down to the two of us.

We cleared as much rubbish as we could and the others that we couldn’t bear to throw away, we left it at the pigeon square. I gave some of the condiments (like salt) and kitchen stuff (like sponges) to the American Church. They asked where these items were from and I told them we were moving out. For some reason, I felt rather apologetic. Perhaps their tone sounded suspicious and I rather felt that I was being interrogated. But they did appreciate the box of salt and sponges.

We must have thrown away at least 20 bags of rubbish in the past week.

Went with T to her new place. Two very bored looking workers decided that they would give us a hand wheeling the luggages and carrying the boxes to the front door. I then left to submit my coursework at ICL. Came back to an almost empty house. Took a video of the house and then T left. While waiting for S and J to arrive, I took a walk around Scala House, from Tottenham Street, to Charlotte Street, to Goodge Street, to Tottenham Court Road, even to Chitty Street. It’s hard believing that I have to say goodbye to this area, where I had so many happy memories, where every place along the street has something that I can relate to…

the M&S where I bought my first packet of cereal in London. The paperchase which I love to shop at. The fruit stall which I bought my first packet of strawberries in London. Yumchaa where I spent many happy hours with friends. Tsunami, Pescatori, the Tapas place, Monocle, the newsagent which I always run past, ICCO, where we watched the first Singapore F1, Tescos, and so many more. Too many, too many.

Went back home and then after my friends came, I finally had to leave. No looking back. Close the door firmly and leave it as that.

It was a great comfort to see familiar faces in the evening and just taking part in the chatter that has for so long been absent at Scala House.

1st June

Woke up in unfamiliar territory, feeling like a wood adrift in the ocean, a stranger in someone else’s house. With the help of C, managed to move one of my heavy bags to Bayswater, and I carried the other one along with me to Chinacity. The music helped. The word reading isn’t too bad, but the voice and stamina is long past its prime.

我们唱‘十年’, 想起来,差不多就有十年了,大概有八年了吧。时间过得真快。

Finally, I could stop feeling adrift and set myself down in one place, even if it is for a month. What a comforting welcome I had. Funnily, it didn’t take long to unpack, even though packing was carried out over a course of 5 days or so. I dare say I completed it within 6 hours, and then finished Hunger Games.

Occasionally, I found myself thinking back to being somewhere else.

2nd June

Unpacked. Tried to settle in. Tried to do work.

3rd June

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. It had to rain, and it had to rain so heavily. The atmosphere remained fantastic though, although I think everyone’s spirits kind of deflated after the queen’s boat passed and the rain got heavier.

Dinner at Palm Court Brasserie. The chocolate tart is really lovely, although it’s more of a chocolate pie. It feels so strange not being able to walk home from Covent Garden, not going back with T. Still can’t bring myself to walk anywhere near TCR. Not yet, not yet.

4th June

Another day of rest, of recuperating from the events of the past month – exams, Krakow, moving out, my wisdom tooth, Diamond Jubilee etc etc. It’s strange living on this side of London. So close to Hyde Park, so close to Imperial, so far from the West End.

I’m sure I’ll soon be very well acquainted with this side of Hyde Park.

Popped by the Serpentine Pavilion. I really liked it. It’s made of cork.

5th June

Went to see Yayoi Kusama’s exhibition at Tate Modern. Tbh, most of her works are very disturbing. Which made me wonder if you have to be very disturbed/depressed to be a successful artist? Why isn’t there happier pieces of work? Why do we seem obsessed by the dark and haunted side of nature?

Finally got to eat the ‘famous’ fish and chips at Covent Garden. It is really nice. The fish is big and fresh. The chips are fat and potato-y. However, it is very expensive. £13.50 for a regular fish and chips portion and I think £16 or £16.50 for a large portion. Other sides come at an extra cost.

Playing Love Never Dies now. May move on to Les Miserables after. Classic musical songs that never fail.



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