Everyday life

new Met tube

When I was young, I used to wish that I could live in a library. In that way, I could be the first to get my hands on new books, and also be the first to borrow the books that people have borrowed, which I want to read. With a kindle, I virtually have a library in my hand. London has been raining continuously since Saturday. It is horrible. Nothing like the summer that I so desire here. When I walked out of the house to have my tooth extracted, it was raining cats and dogs.

The actual extraction didn’t take long. It was surprisingly (and thankfully) short. I spent more time waiting for the anesthetic to take effect than getting my tooth pulled out. I must say, though that my dentist was strong. She said ‘I’m just going to apply a little pressure’, but really I felt like the my entire mouth was being ripped apart.

It’s gone now. That huge piece of wisdom tooth. Wish I got to keep it, but asked too late. Would have been a nice souvenir. Didn’t manage to keep my other wisdom tooth because it was all cracked up and in bits and pieces.

It’ll be porridge for the next few meals. Until I can open my mouth large enough without opening the wound again.

Finally got to sit on the new Met train today. It’s lovely. Looking down, it really reminds me of Singapore, even though it isn’t as big, and it has got cushion rather than plastic seats. But still, the in-ward facing seats are positioned just like in Singapore’s trains. I dare say a few of the passengers were as impressed by the train as I was.


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