Everyday life

No. 114 TCR

I’ve gone back to drinking my tea with sugar. 

Change in environment, change in tea-drinking habits. 

Had coffee at No. 114 TCR. Really like the coffee there, even though it is really expensive. I’ve had the coffee at No. 26 Rathbone place, but never at this one. I prefer the ambience at Rathbone place though. The asparagus soup was nice, but just a little too salty. I think the carrot and ginger soup I made this evening is so much nicer. 

I’m surprised by how quickly my gum is healing. Yesterday, I could hardly talk. This morning, I could talk, but  not fluently, and by this afternoon I was talking normally, although I couldn’t speak loudly or open my mouth too wide to risk restarting the bleeding. 

Surprised to see the library so busy, given that most exams have finished. Maybe the entire library is full of medics. 

Cycled up Hampstead Road from Warren Street and nearly got blown off the Barclays bike. The wind was so strong! I used to go Mornington Crescent quite a lot in my first year, but not anymore. Brings back memories of the first year, going to the chinese supermarket there, the 99p shop, the large sainsbury in the second year. 

We’ve definitely moved on to more expensive tastes. 



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