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Funny how Bellaria is just 5 minutes from Scala House, but I never went there until I left.

Walked past Scala House, only to see that the lobby is a scene of destruction. Chair stacked up in one corner, bowls and plates lying on the bench, letters on the floor. Cardboard everywhere. It’s a space of disrepair, of destruction and emptiness.

Happily surprised to find that we had 50% off our starters and mains. We both had a Bruschetta, which was really lovely. The mozarella was so nice. Then I had a hand-made pasta with king prawn. The pasta was so nice. I do so like fresh pasta. The prawns weren’t the freshest, but they were pretty big. Thankfully the mains weren’t too big a portion and we still manage to consume a dessert each. Tiramisu of course. It was really nice, but perhaps a little too creamy and I got sick of it towards the end. All in all, I was extremely full after dinner.

The service was absolutely fantastic. We came before it got busy and got the best attention from the staff. They were polite, attentive, funny, without being intrusive. Fabulous indeed. We were also seated down in the basement and the decor and ambience was really nice. When we first came, it was still rather quiet. But then it got busier, but we could still hold a proper conversation without having to shout at each other.

Will definitely recommend Bellaria as a nice independent Italian place to have dinner.



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