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A midsummer night’s dream

So I read the review for Midsummer Night’s Dream at Open Air Theatre for a different year, and went there expecting to see a roman theatre. Instead, the stage resembled a construction site, with a trailer and a billboard in the background.

It’s a modern take on the play, but the original script is preserved, which I found to be very suitable. I like hearing Shakespeare’s words come out in accented English.

The Athenians looked like chavs, or Ah-lians and Ah-bengs. Helena was such a humorous character, and Lysander was pretty funny as well. I really didn’t like the Fairy King and Fairy Queen. I thought they were really strange. Much too moody and lusty. I think I would have preferred them to be funny.

While I really enjoyed the first half of the show, I found the second bit of the second half confusing and at some points in time, irrelevant. I suppose I’m a sticker for the traditional sort of play, but I really didn’t understand the point of all the dancing and the singing. I suppose it is good entertainment, but because I wasn’t expecting it, and I didn’t know where it fitted in, I didn’t really enjoy it that much.

The audience seemed to love it though.

It drizzled at some points in time, but thankfully the weather held. I would have loathed to see it about 2 weeks ago when it was raining cats and dogs everyday.


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