Everyday life

Germany versus Italy

Reached Eastside about quarter past 7. They were showing Wimbledon. It was crowded. Then went to the Union. They were showing football, but it was crowded. Ended up going to a pub, Gloucester Arms, and got a table after much searching, just 10 minutes before kick off. 

Can’t believe Italy won! I thought Germany started off really well, and that it was a matter of time before they scored. But then Balotelli came and scored the first goal and the Germans looked flustered after that. After the second Balotelli goal, Germany just pretty much let Italy dominate. 

Germany did have a few good chances, but the good work done by Italy’s goalkeeper and defenders meant that the Germans found it difficult to get the ball into the net. The Italians however, were quick on the counter, tearing through the German defense and really, it could have been like 4-1 or something. 

Such a disappointment from Germany. 

The game had a final twist at the end though, when Germany was given a penalty (which Ozul scored) in the 90th minute, and their goalkeeper came out to play as an extra man. Alas, it was all too late and the whistle blew not a second too soon. 

Guess we won’t be looking at a Germany vs Spain final then. 


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