Waterfalls enroute to Kvamsøy

Cycled from Balestrand to Kvamsøy. Was astonished by the number of waterfalls that we passed along the road. There was at least three in that 10 km stretch.

One of my favourite photos. Using a low shutter speed. The light was perfect for my beanie (canon G11) to take this. 


The little island at Kvamsøy.

The whole cycle trip from Balestrand to Kvamsøy and back took about 3 hours in total, including stopping to take photos and a break at Kvamsøy. We travelled on the road, and while there were some cars, most kept a large distance away from us, except for one car (pulling a caravan) that came dangerously close. But it isn’t a busy road, in fact it is quite quiet and really easy to cycle on. There are no big long hills to Kvamsøy, it is mostly flat. But we did climb the long hill after Kvamsøy, that took my legs out and I had to take multiple rest.  We didn’t go down the other side of the long hill, but turned back to Kvamsøy and Balestrand.


One thought on “Waterfalls enroute to Kvamsøy

  1. Just thought I should comment that the island on the picture is what’s really called “Kvamsøy”, as øy is Norwegian for island. The area around it is actually named something else, but over time the entire area has been known as Kvamsøy.

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