Everyday life

Saatchi Gallery

Back in London. Severely lacking any motivation to do work.

Saturday was spent running errands (buying various things). I finally bought a bike, with about two months remaining in London. Quite silly isn’t it. I should really have gotten one at the start of the year. But anyway, better late than never. Hoping that I can sell it off at the end of the day, before I leave. It is a really good little bike.

Also had to buy a lock and get some lights and kickstand, but now its all ready to bring me around London.

Took it down along the canal to Paddington, and then to Oxford Street. Bought a nice leather wallet from ESPRIT. They didn’t have any that I liked in Accessorize. But anyway, this means that I’m no longer using a coin pouch and two cardholders, which makes finding my important stuff much easier.

Visited Saatchi Gallery today. It really is my favourite ‘museum’ in London. I love the exhibits there, even though I don’t quite understand or like some of them. But most of them are really interesting. I also like the layout of the building and the area outside it. Nice public space for people to ‘roll around’ and do nothing. Lots of cycle parking spaces around the area as well.

The entire gallery had a different set of exhibits as I had remembered from last year, which makes me wonder how often they change it. My favourite is easily the one of the portraits of people from California. Its by Katy Grannan and all the portraits are called Anonymous.



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