Everyday life

Thank you bus driver

I want to say a big thank you to the bus driver. I was cycling along Southampton Row at around 3.20pm. I wasn’t very sure of my directions, so not only was I cycling rather slowly, but I also stopped at the traffic light, albeit near the pavement. The bus following me behind, (which I didn’t notice at all) stopped immediately. I couldn’t tell the driver’s reaction, but I was very apologetic towards him/her. I quickly pulled my bike out of the road and the bus pottered on.

To the bus driver, so sorry for getting in your way, but thank you for stopping and not honking at me.

And a word to all other London bus drivers – thank you for your patience with me on the road. I’ve never had buses passing by close to me, or pushing me to the side. All the buses I’ve encountered have given me plenty of space and never tried to overtake me when it was unsafe. Even though buses are huge and they reduce your area of view, I’m much more comfortable with them than cabs. I feel like the buses treat me as an equal on the roads, while I never quite feel the same with cab drivers (or other car/van drivers).

Also, this pedestrian stepped straight into my path. If I hadn’t slammed my brakes, I would have collided into him. And he was oblivious to it all. Granted, I was cycling on a counterflow bus lane, which he probably didn’t know about. But really, its so important to keep your eyes peeled and be aware of what’s around, rather than just what’s in front.


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