Posh, the play

Gutted for Mark Cavendish and Team GB.

But then everyone knew what the game plan was, and 4 cyclists, no matter how strong, can’t pull the peleton on for four hours on. Not disappointed in them, but disappointed for them. But then, road cycling is all about tactics isn’t it? And this team has helped made cycling much more popular in the UK, probably inspiring a new generation of cyclists.


Went to catch Posh, the play today. They are only doing an 8 weeks run, finishing on the 4th August, so do catch them before they leave Duke of York Theatre at Charing Cross/Leicester Square. Actually they are on St Martin’s Lane.

Posh offers 20 £10 day tickets on the day of the show, once the box office opens, per show. Which means if there’s a matinee on top of the evening performance, that’s 40 day tickets available on that day itself. I think you’re entitled to two day tickets per person. Got up at 7am, intending to queue for the tickets, but I couldn’t get up and went back to sleep instead. Got up later and decided to pop down to the box office to try my luck at getting some of those £10 tickets. If they were gone, then I’ll settle for something else (they said they did concession tickets as well, so I was going to try that). Reached the box office between 11.00 to 11.30 and asked the guy behind the counter if he still had day tickets left for the matinee show.

And he did! Not just one or two, but at least six at the point when we asked. And even later during the show, there were two seats on the first row, right at the side, that was empty. Clearly not all the day tickets were taken. So okay, the seats are the first and second row in the stalls, which meant that you spent the entire show craning your head. At some points, when the actors were standing quite far behind, behind something large (like a table), you couldn’t really see them, but heck, for a tener, without booking fee, I thought it was pretty good.

And I much prefer to be too close than to be too far.

The play is really good. About 10 boys, belonging to ‘The Riot Club’, dining in a private room. Don’t get some of the jokes – I think you have to be very British to get it, but I still really enjoyed it. Glad to have caught it before the finished on the 4th August.

Now if only all theatres did day tickets. That would be wonderful.


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