Everyday life

Today is Olympic history.

History is written today.

1. GB Women rowing pair won the first gold of London 2012 Olympics. Even though everyone has been eagerly awaiting this gold, all the other medals won before this, have not been in any way, less spectacular than this medal.

2. Feng Tian Wei from Singapore won the bronze for Table Tennis Womens Singles, finishing the game in less than 30  minutes, probably just after the first male time-trialist crossed the line, winning spectacularly with 4-0 [11-9, 11-6, 11-6 and one more i forgot]

3. WIGGO AND FROOME won gold and bronze respectively in the men’s time trial road race, with Martin (from Germany) riding a spectacular silver. What a race it was! Nail-biting indeed.

So Feng Tian Wei (FTW), originally from China, but now holds a Singaporean passport, is coached by Jing Jun Hong, also previously a Chinese national who is now a Singaporean. FTW won herself and Singapore a bronze medal today. I know many people who are extremely happy for her (and Singapore), but unfortunately there seems to be some people who are not as pleased, or downright spiteful.

I’m Singaporean, I’ve lived in London for almost 4 years now. I wouldn’t consider myself the slightest bit British, but I feel this pride and joy whenever London does well, or whenever Team GB performs well in the Olympics. I find myself cheering on Wiggo and Froome with much more enthusiasm as I did FTW. Is it because I’ve come to know and admire them from the Tour de France?

I find the situation strangely ironic.

I’m happy for FTW and proud of Singapore, because we worked hard and fought hard to put table tennis on the podium. These players may have been Chinese nationals, but they might not have gone as far as they did without Singapore. What would make me alot happier, is if Singapore starts to pay more attention to Sports in general. The sports school is a great start, but what I really want to see is support for sports in general, so long as there are people who want to do it, and not just for sports which have a chance of winning medals. Let’s slowly built it up. And none of these excuses about how Singapore is too small a talent pool.

Lithuania has 3 million people and one stunning olympic gold.
Norway has about 5 million people, 1 bronze, 1 silve
Slovenia, about 2 million people, 1 gold medal.

True, these countries may not have huge medal counts, but Olympians do come from these countries. So, population size is not an excuse, is whether the country and the people wants it enough. And I’m sure there are lots of people that do want it, that dream of one day participating in the Olympics, becoming a champion. Let’s cultivate these dreams, nurture them, keep them, rather than crushing them straightaway with talks of practicality and pragmatism.

How can you win if you don’t have a dream?


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