Everyday life

Edgeware Road

I don’t know if it is something about the width of the road on Edgeware Road, or is it just the motorists using that road,  but their behaviour towards cyclists (me) is atrocious.

1. They pass extremely close to me. A less comfortable/experienced cyclist would be shocked and may even fall off the bike.

2. Not only do they pass close by, but they pass by quickly.

3. There is a left filter to Sussex Gardens and yesterday this van overtook me, passed so close to me as it filtered off to the left.

Apart from motorists’ behaviour, the road condition is an absolute disgrace. You feel like you’re on a mountain bike trail.

And yet, so many cyclists still use Edgeware Road, because it is the most direct road if you want to get to the South of London.

But for me, I think I have enough of it. I’ll rather go along Bayswater Road or Hyde Park until I get to one of the gates and turn Northwards. It means taking a detour, but it may just save my life.


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