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The end of the Olympics 2012

The Olympics ended yesterday and for me, there was a sense of reluctance at its end. Watched the Uganda guy win the marathon, beating the two people from Kenya, whose country he went to, to become a better marathon runner. So pleased for him.

Caught a bit of rhythmic gymnastic. The routines are so complicated and beautiful to watch. Also caught Mo Farah being interviewed, such a lovely, humble, dedicated athlete.

There’s such a great spirit in the air at the Games, and at Olympic-related venues. I wonder how that’s going to change when the Olympic is gone. What’s going to happen to the happy cheerful volunteers as they shed their Games-maker uniform and put on their work/school clothes. Will they become yet another face on the street, sullen and dull?

That’s not to say there aren’t any negative images of people during the Olympics. Just look at the athletes who tried to fix their games by not trying at all. Then there is the sad images of empty seats in the audience. There’s alot of waiting and queueing for things like entry to BT Live sites (notably Victoria Park last night), trying to get a good spot to catch a glimpse of the cyclists, marathon runners, marathon swimmers etc. And tensions arise and tempers fly as people jostle and push to get a good spot/view.

So yes, the Olympics has brought about good spirits and cheers, but how much has people been affected to change for the better?

Perhaps as I face the various challenges and difficulties in my life, I’ll draw strength from many of these athletes, who despite their the various obstacles and upsets in their lives, have still manage to triumph and emerge victorious.


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