Observations from Koln

10 Observations from Koln:

1. Trains do not behave when weather is scorching hot (think 40 degree celsius and above). Doors jam and do not open, air condition barely works, trains break down altogether.

2. Some Germans do not understand the concept of ‘queue’.

3. Currywurst can be served on a plate, in a restaurant, and not merely eaten from a stand.

4. Seats on the trams in Koln are plastic (like in Singapore), rather then the cushioned ones in London.

5. In the pedestrianised area of Bonn, there are bicycles everywhere, locked onto absolutely anything that can be locked onto.

6. Some bicycles are not locked onto anything, merely onto itself, to prevent people from riding it away, but doesn’t stop those who want to, from carrying it away.

7. Germans enjoy sitting in the park as much as Londoners do.

8. Koln is the city in Europe where I have seen the most number of bubble tea kiosks. Apparently it was all started by MacDonalds.

9. Koln/Bonn airport, Terminal 2 is extremely small.

10. There’s a cycle path running all the way along the Rhine.


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