Sports doesn’t care who you are, everyone can take part

Best quote I’ve come across in a while

“Sports doesn’t care who you are, everyone can take part”.

Watching snippets of the Paralympics has changed my perspective, even if it is just a little. What really strikes me is that the identity of these individuals as athletes come through before their identity as a disabled person. And I’m just wowed. Maybe they look abit different, the rules are a bit different, but other than that, they seem to me, exactly the same as Olympic athletes.

Singapore’s Laurentia Tan has won a bronze and a silver! I hope they are making as big a fuss about it in Singapore, as they did regarding the Olympic medals. Yip Pin Xiu finished 4th in 100m freestyle, which personally I think is awesome because these athletes just swim so fast! And it shows the strength of Singapore’s swimming.

Anyway, I’ve always had good service at the Bubbleology at Soho. Okay, so they may take 10 minutes to get my order done, but the staff have always been very friendly. Not the person at the cashier this afternoon. I gave my order, and then when I added a request to have it half sweet and half ice, he gave me a very irritated look and said in an aggrieved tone ‘you should have said it earlier’. Hello? You should have asked. Besides, there’s no need to take that tone with me.

Perhaps he’s just having a bad day, although I hope he won’t be the one serving me the next time I go there. Maybe I’ll frequent the Nottinghill branch instead.



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