Everyday life

I wanna ride my bike

I miss that.

I miss going to a Barclays docking station and slotting in my Barclays key, waiting for the light on the docking point to turn green, lifting the back wheel of the bike and pulling the bike out. I miss jumping onto the bike and pushing it out onto the road. I miss the mixed feeling of vulnerability and superiority as I jostle with other street users on the road. Vulnerability because I’m in a unprotected environment. Superiority because I’m a special transport user–rather than relying on public transport or cars, I’ve chosen the less conventional, perhaps more risky way of travel. Perhaps I even miss the bumps I get when I ride over poor road surfaces and drain covers along the road. I miss the signalling, the waiting at the special advance stop line box at junctions. I miss cycling over Serpentine lake in the morning, with the cool autumn air in my face. I miss cycling around the quiet streets of Bloomsbury at night.

I miss being a bicycle commuter.

Very tempted to get my own bike so that I can cycle from work to Civil Service Club at Farrer Park. There isn’t a convenient way to get there. Walking or taking public transport takes around the same time. Public transport isn’t that convenient as well. Walking access time is quite high. Doesn’t have to be a great bike, just a single-gear city bike will do.

Saw a commuter cyclist on a racing bike along Bugis the other day. Felt a stab of jealousy. He was looking so cool.


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