Everyday life

Saw an old lady rummaging through the bin at the CSC. She took off the cover of the bin, took out items and laid them on the ground, and kept things like cans. At one point in time, she was bent over such that her entire head is in the bin. A good 10 minutes passed before she put the cover of the bin back and headed off. Some guy (who finished his can of drink) came over and put his empty can into her plastic bag.

What’s wrong with our society that old people need to do that? I know that I see the same things in London and other cities all the time, but because they are not my country-men, it is not my country, I don’t feel the same sense of responsibility towards them as I do to this old woman.

I wish I had the courage to do something about it right then and there.

I don’t understand why some people do not plug in their earphones/mute their phones when they are watching video/playing music/playing games on their phone. Do they feel it is necessary to broadcast to the whole cabin what they are listening to? Or perhaps, as my friend said, it is just a silly mistake where they believed they were plugged in when there were actually not?

It is just basic courtesy.


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