Everyday life

At Yew Tee MRT station, there is an uncle selling ice-cream from his ice-cream cart. He has been doing it for a long time–I seem to recall him being there since 7 years ago. I suspect he has limited mobility with his legs. He’s there everyday. At one point, I thought he recognised me–I bought ice-cream from him often enough, also, I didn’t go for the slabs and biscuits that people my age usually went for. Instead, I always chose the ‘scooped’ ones with bread. It has been a long time since I’ve bought ice-cream from him.

I was impressed by the demand for the shuttle service to IMM. The buses are running at something like a 10min headway. 5 minutes after a bus leaves (it spends about 5 mins picking and dropping off people), another bus arrives, and every single bus is packed! At least at around half one on a Saturday afternoon. The journey is in fact rather long… at least 10 and maybe up to 20 minutes, even though IMM is pretty near to JCube (which is where the current shuttle departs from). This made me think that the cost of running the shuttle must be pretty substantial. At least four buses? And imagine if every person is charged for each trip! It would be a pretty profitable route! Or perhaps the demand is there only because it is a free shuttle.

I think the signs on the concourse at Jurong East Interchange are extremely confusing.

I didn’t think I would have trouble finding Climber’s Lab the second time I went there, but I did. Walked up and down the fifth floor of Enterprise Hub several times, all the while missing the entrance to the climbing centre. Moreover, Toh Guan East is not exactly a place where a lone girl will feel safe. It is quite a male-dominated environment.

Will have to return to try the cool purple roof route. Really miss the catacombs at the Castle. Oh heck, I miss the whole bouldering facilities that I get in London.

Beanie wants to go out and play.


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