Everyday life

Female commuter cyclist

Now, I’ve seen quite a few male commuter cyclists, zipping along a three-lane road during peak hours, at Bugis and along Upper Thomson Road. But a female cyclist, now that is a first. But I saw her on Monday evening, around 6pm, heading down from Newton Circus towards the direction of Bugis. I saw her just as she passed the bus stop outside KK hospital. 

Her bike was pretty normal, not the expensive models oft favoured by male commuter cyclists. She had a laden pannier, no basket and was wearing a helmet, yet another thing that distinguished her from male commuter cyclists. When she reached the zebra crossing across the slip road towards Kampong Java, she got off her bike and wheeled it across the zebra crossing instead. After crossing the slip road, she then joined the main traffic heading towards Bugis. 

That’s what happens when you have road designs that are not meant for cyclists. Cyclists find it hard to filter right past traffic turning left and end up having to cross the road like a pedestrian in order to re-join traffic heading straight. 

I admire her courage. I can only imagine the amount of stress she experiences, riding in a traffic like that. But I applaud these people for making a statement. A statement to say that I have the right to decide how I want to travel. I wan to travel on my own vehicle, on a vehicle that is sustainable, on a vehicle that is good for my health etc etc. If only the other drivers on the road will listen to them. 


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