Everyday life

A gracious society

I see people giving up their ‘reserved’ seats on the MRT very often. At least once per train ride. It has become something that Singaporeans now do automatically. It has taken about three years, but somehow we’ve managed that. Just this morning, at Dover station, this senior citizen entered the EW train towards Pasir Ris. This girl sitting on the reserved seat immediately got up and motioned her to sit. Perhaps sometimes people give a stoic face when they do that, but I choose to believe that people genuinely want the elderly/pregnant ladies/kids to have the seat, out of the goodness of their hearts.

Sometimes, I see people giving up their seats when they are not sitting in the ‘reserved seats’. Not as common, but also not that rare.

Also, apparently commuters at Bishan MRT station were the first who began queuing up orderly to take the train. Such a practice is gradually spreading to other places, although I must say that at places like Jurong, it is not as orderly yet.

At the bus stop at Block 604 along Bukit Panjang Road, queue lines were drawn for Service 700 and Service 75. While there are many people who do queue for the bus, I’ve heard that there are some people who don’t, and will just rush up the bus, ignoring the queue when the bus arrives. Some even bang on the bus driver’s door, demanding that the bus driver opens the door to allow boarding.

I beseech all people taking Service 700 to please queue for the bus. Admittedly, this is not a bus interchange, and it may seem strange to queue at the bus stop. But Service 700 used to originate from an interchange, where queuing is the norm. Besides, isn’t it much more pleasant to board in an orderly fashion. Perhaps the commuters can also remind those who refuse to queue that they are not being considerate, and that cutting queue is something that is frowned upon. Lastly, please do give our bus drivers respect. They, like many other people in our society, are only providing a service for the rest of us to enjoy.

Graciousness starts from each and everyone of us.



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