Everyday life

Some things don’t change

Some things in orchard remains unchanged. Like the bus stop opposite far east plaza.

Seems a decade ago when we were waiting there in our guides uniform, after a lengthy discussion, for the bus home.

The bus stop was and is still crowded, reeking of second smoke from smokers nearby. There’s something about commuters at this bus stop. There are always a handful smoking and feeding the air with foul smells.

And then there’s the incessant noise from the traffic, heat fe om the roads. And orange lights from the street lamps.

190 when it arrives, is as crowded as ever. But I’ve changed. No longer content to be squashed like a sardine near the front of the door, I politely excused my way to the back.

I don’t think that’s something rude. I’m creating space for those in front in fact.


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