Everyday life


I was waiting for service 190 at YMCA the other day. The bus took a while to arrive and it was already quite full when it reached the stop. I managed to squeeze on, but barely.

At the next stop, one lady alighted from the front. With the front door opened, people started trying to board the bus, including a family with children.

I very much wanted to request people to move in so that these people could board but I’m disappointed to say, that day, I didn’t have the courage to. Instead I fumed silently, at the lack of consideration of people and at my own cowardness.

What made me even more upset was that the group of teenage boys in front of me said he bus driver shouldn’t have let so many people onto the bus.

That really destroyed any faith I had in the future for Singapore. How did we produce children like that?

I sensed that the bus driver was extremely jaded and unmotivated as well. When I requested that Jeff opened the front door to let me off, he remarked brusquely that I had to make sure people were standing away from the door.

So I said to the family to stay away and asked the driver again. He obliged and I felt good for being able to communicate to two different groups of people using two languages in a comfortable manner.

But seriously, traveling in Singapore is sometimes akin to going to war. So many battles to be fought.


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