Everyday life

Special needs girl

So I saw a maid bringing a special needs girl out on the mrt train this morning.

I couldn’t tell at first but seeing that she was in a pram ish sort of thing even though she’s about 6 or 7 years old led me to suspect.

She is such a pretty little girl. She was quite good at first although she did try to grab me. Her maid immediately apologised. Then I think she got bored and started fidgeting, even kicking off her shoe and hitting the passenger sitting opposite. And the maid kept apologising.

I wondered about her parents. I think the maid really 疼 the girl. (I can’t find an appropriate translation for 疼 in this context). So even though her carer may not be family, I think she is in good hands.

I wonder about her parents though.

After the train pulled out of yishun, the maid said “I’m getting off at khatib” but I had no idea who she was talking to.

On her way out, the girl’s shoe fell out and some other commuter picked it up and returned to the maid.


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