Everyday life

Civic duty

I’m not making light of the accident, but I’m unhappy that the first reaction is “can the authorities prevent the heavy vehicles from plying certain areas”

Why is the immediate reaction always “what can the government do?” Rather than “what can and should society do?”

For me, three things need to be addressed, two of which is difficult because it is behavioural. And that is firstly to get motorists to be more careful, and secondly, to get cyclists and pedestrians to be more careful. Third is to look at redesigning junctions in a way so as to force motorists to reduce speed. It ties in with a broader idea of making roads more cyclist and ped friendly rather than just concerned about through put of vehicles.

Something needs to be done. It is as much the authorities responsibility as it is the road users’. I hope that everyone sees that they have a part to play. Because we really all do.


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