Everyday life

Pyramid of choice

When we find it hard to make a decision, no one of the choices present to us have a clear advantage over the others–which is what makes it difficult for us to decide. We stand on top of the pyramid, with different paths leading to the bottom. Each path seem just like the other. 

Yet once we decide on a path, we slide all the way to the bottom and may end up very far from the other choices which we did not take. We convince ourselves that the choice we had made (though previously had no clear advantage over the rest) is the best choice that we could have made. As for all the other choices, we begin to feel that they are wrong (when previously we were ambivalent against them). 

This is what Carol Travis and Elliot Aronson said in their book. I am quite inclined to believe them. As such, I want to keep reminding myself that, whatever I have decided, I feel strongly about it, hence I justify that it is right. But is it really right? Who am I to decide or judge that someone else (who is doing what I have sworn off to do) is wrong? People have different reasons for doing things, like I do. 

Perhaps when a person is able to stand on the top of the pyramid looking down at all the choices with an impartial eye, even if he has made a choice, then he has gained enlightenment. 


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